Frequently Asked Questions about Satellite Tracking

We have received a lot of responses to the recovery of IMAGE.  It would be difficult to respond in great detail to each request so we have taken the time to compile some references to help our readers understand what we do and allow you to explore the world of satellite tracking based on the input of our colleagues in the hobby as well.

What is Satellite Tracking?

Satellite tracking is a hobby that uses skills in astronomy, physics and mathematics to locate, identify and compute the orbits of objects in space and also study the characteristics of those objects.   Satellite trackers use visible light and radio to track satellites.

Where can I discuss Satellite Tracking?

What optical hardware do you use to Track Satellites?

This can range from binoculars and a stop watch, low light video cameras and DSLR cameras with fast lenses attached.

What radio equipment do you use to Track Satellites?

A good summary of the equipment used to detect IMAGE can be found on the:

What software do you use to Track Satellites?

What else have you discovered?

Our team has recovered many interesting objects over the years.  Here is a select few significant ones.

Who else Tracks Satellites?


Author: Scott Tilley

Amateur visual and radio astronomer, radio amateur VE7TIL

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